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If you would like a site design.
I'm in need of an entire site rehaul, and since I know jack about coding in html or php, I need someone to do it for me.

Since you only do Mybb modifications or designs, would you happen to know a fairly experienced coder that specializes in web development and can design a homepage and customize my forum to my needs for around $500 - $700 or cheaper if possible?

I'm looking to eventually get rid of that horrid Mkportal crap and replace it with a decent homepage. What I am looking for to be exact for my main page is that it has the ability to grab board news and display it similar to Mkportal, has it's own news section, downloads section, a cheats database like most popular gaming websites, a walkthrough and guides section among other things.

I am also looking to integrate my Mybb forum seamlessly into it, but it must allow other forums to be integrated as well in case I decide to change board software in the future.

So I guess you can say I'm looking for a flashy system/solution similar to IGN or other popular gaming networks, but not as full fledged. Some Javascript menus and other things I am looking into to give my website a more appealing look. At least Javascript will give some flashiness without the need of bandwidth intensive flash animations.

I won't be getting the money needed for another week so if you have any recommendations for professional/semi-professional web developers that are widely known that won't charge an arm or a leg please let me know.

I am also looking for someone reliable, won't rip me off or take my money and run. My websites success depends on a complete redesign + unique content. At the moment it is just another Generic emulation/gaming forum. Sad

Also Labrocca if you are willing to negotiate a price I have a few personal/exclusive modifications I am looking into for my forum. As for a theme if I can find a web designer at a reasonable cost, the forum will take on whatever theme is set on the main page, since the forum will integrate into the entire page itself seamlessly. However I don't expect to receive the necessary cash for about another week or possibly sooner depending on how fast the mail runs.
Do you know anything about oscommerce software? i'd be willing to pay if you could sort out an error i have when i try to do backups
Actually I have built oscommerce addons. You can search for labrocca there. Smile

I can totally assist you with that software. I have custom stuff on my drive that was never released too. hehe...

Xtreme2damax - I just saw your post. Let me send you a PM asap about all that. What you ask requires some thought.
Excellent I'l send you a pm!
Labrocca do you have a portfolio site that we can use for reference?

Might be interested while Jero is away Big Grin
pm'd you about getting a site switched to mybb and maybe some custom theme work
and i have to say, this guys work is fanstatic!

we used him to transfer our phpbb forums over to mybb...

i was little nerved up about doing it, and my partner (see above) said, lets do it...

and to the dame that said she is picky, move over sist'a, i'm the male version...

labrocca took the time to hear us out, we worked on it together, and with a little extra perk ($$$)

our site is Rock'n Classy good looking, and runs smooth as silk...

he also takes his time out, to do a little extra fine tuning and tweaking...

thanks so much jessie, for a job well done...

hi again labrocca, over the next week, i will be wanting to move my mybb forum over to a new web host, would you be able to do that for me? if you can how much would it cost?
i know my way around mybb, databases etc, but iv never done this before, and im too scared of blowing everything up lol
PM sent to you crabby.
I might be interested but it all depends on the price, please contact me with more info. Thanks

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