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Top X Sites (Postbit Plugin)
I would be really interested in a plugin where users can rank their top 3-5 sites in their postbit for everyone to see when they post. I think it would make reading posts more interesting, and give you a better feel of the kind of person each user is.

Of course NoDoFollow would have to be a setting that could be switched on and off from the administrator point of view.

Is there any interest in taking on something like this? It sounds very simple, and I think people would like it. It could be even more useful if people could customize what they showed, so like they could show "Top 5 sites" or "Top 5 Movies," "Top 5 Games" or anything else that is pre-set including a custom name. It would make it a very useful plugin across many forum niches.

Even this one.

"Top 5 Plugins" Wink

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