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GamingSenses - The new gaming community
Ok can we get back on topic Wink , I am needing some members so feel free to sign up, Also I am needing feedback so feel free to compliment/ criticise
(Jun 11, 2010, 03:03 AM)MasterZuFu Wrote: LTwin, his site is better than yours anyways, and he didn't copy anything. If I make a paragraph like this:

Your site really sucks and I want to pee all over it and make it twinkle in the sky and smell perty stuff like that. BTW your site really does suck, get a new one please? Oh wait, it'd still suck because it's you, so just delete your site and give up. Kthxbai!

He can make one like this:

Your site sucks and I want to pee all over it.

It doesn't mean he copied you, it just means you're trying to get attention by spamming someone else's thread. This is a form of false and negative advertisement. You posted your site just to get yourself traffic in a competing forum. You figured everyone interested in games is gonna look at this and eventually they would ask you for the link to your site since you're arguing over BS. You're pathetic, go away.

If I wanted attention I would have just posted it from the get go. He specifically asked me what my site was and I stated it.
I just viewed LTwin's forum compared to GamingSenses, wonder where comes the so called "copy mine".. lol.. Description can be just as similar to others as possible because there are uncountable forums out there. Further, it's just a description. Nothing big. Smile
Isn't this Boxxy's Forum?

Anyways, it is awesome Smile
No, boxxy left he was just an administrator.

Boxxy has his own forum, I forgot what it is though.
(Jul 11, 2010, 02:42 PM)Minus-Zero Wrote: No, boxxy left he was just an administrator.

Boxxy has his own forum, I forgot what it is though.

Yeah annonymous bought this forum off me, then he and boxxy have ran it since.Cool

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