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Minimum Attachment Posts
Sorry just been busy with MYPS and the IPN module. It's just an IF statement to check attachment type. Next chance I get I will see what I can do.
Okey dokey.
Thank You Big Grin
a very useful plugin for me. thank youSmile
I'd edit it if I could figure it out, but I don't have a clue what kind of IF statement to add.
Either that or it would be cool if you could have a setting with attachment types to exclude. Smile
yeah I am still planning on doing this...
PHP Code:
$type_exempt explode(',',$mybb->settings['minattachmenttypeexempt']);
$aid intval($mybb->input['aid']);
$query $db->query("SELECT filename FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."attachments WHERE aid='{$aid}'");
$filename $db->fetch_field($queryfilename);
$ext get_extension($filename); 

Anyone wants to test it ?

If so, deactivate the "old" one first ! Then upload the new file, overwrite if needed, then activate and go to the settings and fill in to your needs.

Attached Files
.php   Less than 1 minute ago">minimum_attachment_posts.php (Size: 5.44 KB / Downloads: 7)
hehe...there ya go. I will have a peek at this later.
Updated to version 1.1 with the changes Lex provided to allow for type exemption.

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