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Minimum Attachment Posts
Can you link this mod with the MYPS Mod?

I mean with minimum points.

Just need to access the table of MYPS.
I was thinking a good mod would be a MYPS charge per download.... Smile It can either be given to the attachment uploader or just removed from the downloader. Would make for an interesting mod...

However...I am starting to believe I should wait till 1.4 is out or I have access to beta because it sounds like there are enough changes that my mods will break and that will cause a lot of extra work at that time. So for the next couple months I am going to focus on themes and some of my other sites.
Very useful... I try on my new forum... Thank's !
Thanks. Big Grin

I updated the one on MyBB Themes. Smile
pretty plugin, thank a lot
Thank you very much
Wow, thanks Big Grin I love this mod (very useful Wink)
sounds good
this sounds good anything for post required to view forums

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