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Can't login to admin panel =\
I went to my site and the admin link is no longer there...
So i opened the admin panel and tried logging in and it doesn't allow me to =\
Change admin password in mysql maybe?
I know my admin password but it wont let me login!
Maybe you was demoted and you are not admin anymore. Thats why I said to change password and privileges in PHPMyAdmin Smile
Its MY site i am the ONLY admin! i can't "demote" myself lol
what is the group id for admins because i can re add it in the phpmyadmin if its not there...
Usergroup 4. Also check if any files are missing in your folder Smile
There shouldn't be any files missing because i haven't uploaded/edited anything in ftp or cpanel, infact i haven't accessed the cpanel in about a month xD
Did you check if you have admin privileges? Must be usergroup 4 in SQL Smile
Sorted it thanks =D
No problem. So was error in admin privileges?

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