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Brief when hovering over thread
I was looking for a plug in that shows you a little sample of what a thread is about when you hover over the thread... I hope i explained it right... Thanks
Hmm... don't think we have one here at MyBB Central.
Where do you think i can get one.
I think that's only for vBulletin. But I'm not sure.
(Jun 20, 2010, 12:43 AM)BrainDeadFreak Wrote: I think that's only for vBulletin. But I'm not sure.

You could be right but it be cool if someone made it for mybb
No there is one I am sure just not sure where it is :S
[Image: userbar.png]
Looking for vbulletin, which sucks.

Bump this up... Can anyone make this mod please...

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