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A bit of history

We have been around for exactly 2 weeks and have already got 102 members. We have over 2,000 posts and over 250 threads,So there is plenty of tutorials. We have very high hopes for this forum.

What is this forum about ?

This forum is based on monetizing techniques and also human manipulation / social engineering. We also have other sections like graphics where you can showcase all your work also we have a marketplace and a general section.


We will be hosting lots of competitions with chances of winning real cash prizes, Also upon the launch of VIP we will have a competition to win VIP.

We have a very friendly and helpful community as many who have joined have said. Also we take on feedback and actually improve thing unlike so many other forums where they just ignore you (Not all but most forums).

Ok thank you for reading, Would love to see your reviews also feel free to sign up.




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