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Who likes Star Wars?
it is my favorite Video Game When ever i have free time Then i play it. i love it....
I like star wars better cuz Han Solo is SEXY
I like star war.Star Wars with a video conference in 3-D medical imaging systems and military-to-date maps and 3-D. The real objective, however, replace all the 2-D display used in everyday life with the system
It is a good movie.
I like shorts shorts!!!
Oh wait ... I must have read the title wrong xD

Tbh i havent watch more than 20mins of the films. Ive never got round to it, although I played a PS2 game when I was young which was quite cool Tongue
I don't like star wars
hi guys,,,
I really like the Star wars too.Star Wars features elements such as knights, witches, and princesses that are related to archetypes of the fantasy genre.I have seen all the parts of the star wars and really a big fan of the Jadi character.
Saw the title and it made me think of you before I saw your username lol.

I've seen the the classic "I am your father" scene, that's all I can remember.
i like is a fantastic movie D:
Whenever I exhaust due to dull and suckable daily routine,I play star wars to relish my mind.
I guess,I'll use to play it even in my old age.

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