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Tab Menu problems
hello when i try to put in the tab menus its works but it wont show my other subjects do u have a idea y?
wat can i do to fix it?

here is ss of it bein activated
[Image: bae6g.png]
at general

[Image: 2zhfeiv.png]
at tech and dont show my threads
also does the same for others

plz reply asap
have you selected them in the tab menu section in ACP
yes i did
like for tech i selected tech
Have you tried to remove that chat room maybe that would change something?
o i never tried that
ill try that part out and reply bak on if it works or not
nope still the same problem
Quote:1. Start the template with this line:
<div id="tabmenu_{$forum['fid']}">

2. Add to the very end </div>
under wat part of the template?
(Jul 12, 2010, 09:15 PM)racerking Wrote: under wat part of the template?


thx ally
ill add the bar soon my new theme comes out
all you need to do is reorder the forum categories like this

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