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Tabbed Menu Problems
I am having problems with tabbed menu.

When I click a different tab the screen is just blank like pitch black like my theme.
What is the URL you come to?

And blank pages are often white..
This is also happens to me itll show the first tab fine and then the next tab will be blank.
Validate your site at w3c.
i only subscribed here for this plugin and i have the same prob please help !!!!

i even reinstalled my mybb again !
still the same !
I need to see your site with the plugin installed and activated.
Here is my site url
when i click on the first tab all i see is 2 categories
and when i click on the other tab all i see is blank !
That means, the second tab is unsorted.
(Jul 25, 2010, 02:39 PM)Clоne Wrote: That means, the second tab is unsorted.

it is sorted
here take a look at this
[Image: 9r5etl.png]
Do you have any hidden forums there?

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