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Display Your MYPS
Is there a way I can display the user's MYPS count to themselves OTHER than their profile?

Say they are using MYPS Store (from MyBBSource), is there a command to show their current MYPS? They have that AT MyBBSource Modification Store..

Would it be like:
PHP Code:

VERY rough sketch above. Just curious. Because MYPS Bank does from that site needs to be able to display how much they currently have.
I failed.
You add {$mybb->user['myps']} to welcome block or whereever.
Yes the MYPS are in the users table which is constantly called so it's very easy to put it in template wherever you please.
Is there a way to do it like this, so you can display it on another webpage?

PHP Code:
= mysql_query(yadadadadada);
echo $myps;

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