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Can someone tell me how to add both of these things.

Like on HF
I might try to make a plug-in like this. Do not hold your breath though.


Create a group and set the permissions to what ever you like. Make sure that you check the box 'Yes, this is a banned group'


Create a custom mod tool, set the subject as:

Junk: {subject}

and set it so that it moves it to a seperate forum, and adds a reply.
These are default features of MyBB.
How do I make it auto add to limited group at 50% warning ?
Admin CP > Configuration > Warning System > Add New Warning Level

Then customize.
Okay go to the AdminCP> configuration > Moderator tools > And new thread tool > Then (see attachment)

Which then should look like:    

Remember to name it. Smile


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Got the junk feature in thanks... i'll do the limit later.

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