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Tabbed Menu ~ Mega Guide / FAQ
Ok, so it's not working. I tried to read the troubleshooting, but I'm having a problem.

When it says 'index', I assume it means index.php. Next it tells me to look for this:

1. After {$header} add {$tabmenu}
2. After {$forums} add

Yet I can't find either of them in my index. Further more, I don't have a file called forumbit_depth1_cat. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?
Far, index in Templates.

Go to Templates & Styles > Templates > Your Theme > Index Templates and then index
Ok, I made the correct changes and I added a tabbed.css since I didn't have one. However, it didn't fix my problem, it only made it worse.

I'm using this theme:

My problems are:

1) Now instead of just 1 tabbed menu bar, I have 2 with the same writing.
2) With tabbed menu activated, my first tab will work but it won't show anything under it. It cuts off the entire 'Whos Online' and bottom header of my forum.
3) None of the other tabs work. You can click the tabs, but they don't show any forums.

I don't have any hidden forums as the first of any tabs, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
URL to your forum?
^ Just PMd it to you.
Follow the first and the last solutions.
Ok, I didn't forget to add </div> at the end, I just had two of the same things pasted. Removed one and I can see the bottom footer again. Also, the last solution worked, don't know why it was there.

Thanks for the help Smile
When will be compatibility this plugin with mybb 1.6? This is important.
In september Labrocca is going to start to upgrade his plugins.
Why is not now?Smile
I cant update, because there is not tabbed menu.

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