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[HELP] Database Import
AXVIS, use the merge system, I've tested it, and work.
OK but where or how do I I upload the db?
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import db in phpmyadmin
Any more specific instructions? I jusr wish Jesse would tell me exactly how to do this cause all I have is a 147mb db in a .sql format it has posts and members and I just want to import those like he did to Support Forums.
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OMG dude, goto phpmyadmin, click the import tab, click browse, select the file and click go.

It's not that hard.
Actually yes it is because php admin allows no more then 50mbs mines 147mb and I tired that with another smaller db it did nothing just gave me some error but I am guessing it meant that there are tables like them.
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It really isn't that hard.

Option 1. Split the database into smaller parts.

Option 2. Use a software like MySQL Dumper or bigdump.

Option 3. Upload the Structured Query File to your server, import it using SSH.

mysql -u username -p database_name < dumpfile.sql
Never mind I figured it out!
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