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[HELP] Database Import
Hey everybody can anyone tell me how I could merge a post/member db with my current one on my forum? And if anyone is selling one post me your prices and stats.
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Use the Merge system.
In PHP Admin? Or...
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Oh I figured what merge system your talking about. But it's a MyBB db and just want to add it into my current forum.
Edit* Like what Jesse did yo SF?
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Still need help on this anyone?
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(Aug 07, 2010, 07:20 AM)AXVIS Wrote: Oh I figured what merge system your talking about. But it's a MyBB db and

And what? Use the merge system.
Where talking about this right? cause then I tried it it just some conversions or something where do I upload the .sql file?
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You execute it through phpmyadmin, I don't use it much, though. I think you import it? Not sure.
No no bottom line is I have a forum with members and everything I got a sql db with members and posts I want to add it to my forum and I have no clue how.
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Anyone I really need help on this?
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