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Looking for a plugin
Hey mybbcentral!

Was just looking for a plugin (if there is one) that would allow me to add images for groups?

I.e, on here, subscribers get a subscribed image next to their names when they post. And also shown here next to Joey.

They have it on HF also, with their L33t and Ub3rs.

Thank you in advanced!
That's not a plugin its built into myBB.
[Image: jsnippetsbanner.jpg]
Latest Theme: CMS BB.
Kinda hijacking this thread I am also looking this plugin that allows me to login to members accounts adimin hijack or something can't seem to find it?
[Image: userbar.png]
Where are these images found/accessed? Just wondering if its in built how you can create new groups with different names
EDIT: Is there anywhere i can search these images? Because i don't fancy making one or stealing one from another forum!
So do you want an image next to the name erh..
Yeh, just like we have subscribers below our names. I know how to do it now after Damoin pointed out it's inbuilt. But is there any online source for these images?

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