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Image Reputation
License is GNU/GPL attached inside the folder.

Plugin Name: Image Reps
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.1
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.2x
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 8 (1 php and 7 gifs)
Plugin Description: Plugin alters reputation in postbit to be an image.


1. Upload repimages.php to inc/plugins/ directory.
2. Upload the images/reputations folder to your mybb root.
3. Activate the "Image Rep" plugin in admincp.

Note: The default for images is the following:

Less than 0 = Negative
Zero = Neutral
1-15 = 1 positive
16-30 = 2 positive
31-50 = 3 positive
51-75 = 4 positive
76-100 = 5 positive

You can adjust these in the plugins php file rather easily. If you have problems contact me. I may add in the future an admincp setting for this but for now it's manual. You can of course also make your own images if you wish. There is the layered PNG in the extras folder if you want to play with them.

Thank You.

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Like I said on're a plugin god!

*Continues to bow*
thanks labrocca Smile
I knew many other will like to have a better looking reputation system Smile, Thanks "labrocca" for creating it.

"labrocca" does it shows members rep points at the member list?
Quote:"labrocca" does it shows members rep points at the member list?

Yes...this only replaces the postbit.
very nice thanxs
"labrocca" a member in my forum have -3 rep and instead of showing the image it says -3.... can't it be shown into image?
Very goog plug-in. Thanks labrocca Smile
It should still be a negative..can I get a link to a thread with that members post so I can see for myself?

EDIT: looks like you didn't upload the negative image.
It pause me for a while, and later I found out that in the image you have mistype its spelling you have put it "nagative" instead of "negative" Tongue Big Grin

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