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Photo Album page
Can there be added a photo album page? meaning just photo's with a description underneath, rather than just being able to post photo's within the forum
I'd be interested in something like this.
Yes, this would be a nice plugin if someone could create it.
try a cool new site for photo sharing
i have been looking for something like this in mybb site but didnt get any.coulld anyone here help?
try the coppermine gallery, it comes with a mybb-bridge and is easily customizable to your theme
Work on Video Gallary mod of Vitadin-Chat , i dont know PHP but idea can take from that MOD. work for Picture Gallary
Eventually an album will need to be created for mybb. I bet we see one within the year. Right now there isn't a good one that exists. I believe a coppermine bridge does exist though.
i have MyGallery =P
Just gonna redo the layout of the 'indexpage' a lil.
LeX- Wrote:i have MyGallery =P
Just gonna redo the layout of the 'indexpage' a lil.

We are all waiting for your blog and gallery to be released TongueTongue

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