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GamingBay | The Gaming Forums
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What is GamingBay?
GamingBay began in August 2010, and have gone quite far. Our aim is to provide a high quality forum for everybody. Even though the forum is based on gaming, it doesn't mean we don't allow discussions about a different topic! Our forum can be your home! You can play games, read our blog, earn points and prizes, and much, much more. The theme is custom made and designed for our forum only. I am sure you will love the theme.

What can I do there?
Loads of stuff! These include but are not limited to:
  • Read our gaming blog for the latest gaming news and reviews. It is integrated with our forums so you can just use your forum account!
  • Playing in our arcade where you can compete with other members for the highest score!
  • Earn 'GBCash' by posting and doing stuff around the forum! With this you can purchase awards, and join our Legendary usergroup if you become truly dedicated!
  • Earn awards. There are a list of awards on the forum. These distinguish yourself from other members and in return, you will look more trusted!

Why should I join?
Other than meeting great new people and having fun, there are heaps and heaps of reasons on why you should join! Rest assured that you will not experience spam on our forum. Our moderators are dedicated and try their absolute best to keep our community immaculate. It doesn't mean they're not fun! All the staff, including I, are involved in member discussions. We will try out best to accommodate and assist you in any problems. We love games as much as you!
Once registered, ALL ads will be removed as well as the annoying message. You will receive a nice introduction in an attempt to make your stay at GamingBay extremely enjoyable!
There is only one way to find out for yourself. Simply check out our forum by clicking here!

If you have any feedback on our forum, please post below. It will be greatly appreciated!
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Gaming Forums
It's looking good, I don't understand why everyone got that theme tho.
It got many same forums as HF tho, :/
Lies, I conjured them straight from my mind.
The Lounge , Seller's Section, Buyer's Bay
Anyone else?
Edit your slogan.
To what? Any idea?
Bumpo! Anyone else?
Looking for more reviews!

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