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Yeah we have a new theme installed now, even though it's already been used, we're just going to let users pick what theme they want until the custom one comes in, then that will be the default.
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I never saw the first theme, but the one live now doesnt seem too bad.

Id advise a look at the logo. ComicSans (I think) isn't the way to go for a dark kinda site.
It also seems kinda more blue than purple to be honest.

Also check out the background, perhaps have the outer glow purple or something.

I think, a new logo, and few more graphics such as Ficons, and you should be on your way to a great forum.

Big Grin
I made the theme for there site and they made there own logo..... I had all the things you stated like the glow. They changed what ever they wanted and its cool with me. Other then that the site is awesome with there own custom plugins.
[Image: logo.png]
Going to bump this, we basically are reviving the site. New theme, content is getting updated, etc. Feedback/Suggestions are appreciated.
Like Pokemon? Check out an upcoming Pokemon Forum!
I like your domain

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