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1.6x Xbox 360 [Complete]
the theme is beautiful , but then again , both sites representing demo! is down!
Yeah sorry its been like 4 months ive been gone. All my themes will be moved to a new server. Thanks
[Image: logo.png]
When can I download the theme?
You cant until the owner decides to re-upload it.
(Sep 04, 2010, 03:35 AM)HaX420 Wrote: Here is my theme that i was going to made for 1.4x but then i decided what the heck just make it for 1.6x and get users to change over. I do have this theme available for 1.4x. I will release soon so keep on the look out. Thanks

Index Screenshot.

if you cant see the attchment then go to and change the theme. I do not have this uploaded to my demo site just yet.

Demo comming soon. Remember its still a work in progress.
Can't wait for this please release soon!

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