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1.6x Xbox 360 [Complete]
Here is my theme that i was going to made for 1.4x but then i decided what the heck just make it for 1.6x and get users to change over. I do have this theme available for 1.4x. I will release soon so keep on the look out. Thanks

Index Screenshot.

if you cant see the attchment then go to and change the theme. I do not have this uploaded to my demo site just yet.

Demo comming soon. Remember its still a work in progress.
[Image: logo.png]
Nice theme are you going to let members use this theme?
That is looking really good, nice work.
Looking good, nice work Smile
Very Good Wink
Have you released the 1.6 theme yet? I am really wanting this. Smile
domain already expired?
proud of being pinoy Smile
Looking nice but that website is down or expired
(Dec 22, 2010, 10:45 AM)aboedman Wrote: Looking nice but that website is down or expired

Sorry the site is down... Ive moved the themes to another temp site
[Image: logo.png]
This is cool!

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