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Skunkmedals fixed version ( medal and award system)
Cool down "labrocca" really man you need to take a break from these symbols and numbers...... cause from that When I get to shop..I get to shop kinda remind me of angry shopkeeper....
No anger...just keeping it simple.

btw..I did own a retail shop for 10 yes...I am a shopkeeper.
Ok.. cool... now slowly put that vegetable down and i will buy it......Tongue
Hey, Labrocca, a member just reported something weird with the way the medals are showing up. I had to verify it, since they work perfectly fine in FF and Opera, but in IE the medals get truncated if they go beyond the width of postbit instead of moving down to the next line. This is strange, since they do go to the next line in both FF and Opera. Did you ever test your changes in the IE browser?
BAH DAMMIT! It does!

Grr...I did a lot of testing on that too. I will fix it...I hope.


Change line 145 of inc/plugin/medals.php

[code] $post['medals'] = "<div style=\"white-space: normal; width:100%;\">";[code]

Basically adding the width 100% attribute to the style. Tested in IE, FF, and Opera (XP versions).

I have updated the download.
LOL...and here I thought that Opera was the picky one! Thanks Labrocca! That fixed it! Big Grin
I use Opera myself so that's normally working fine. It's the new IE7 that's the new bitch in town.
What's really strange is that I haven't upgraded from IE6 yet, so I thought it might not be a problem in IE7. LOL...guess it was! I'm just glad it works on all the browsers *though I'm assuming it's ok on Safari* Wink
just what im looking for!

no resizing
very nice

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