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Skunkmedals fixed version ( medal and award system)
warning this dosn't work it come up with my sql table errors
Warning? For who? The plugin works fine. It must just conflict with another plugin on your site or you have a modified theme or something else.
Plugin works fine on 3 of my sites and a few others. You're the first to report any errors. Why not explain to us your error instead of creating a false warning to others?
would it be possible to switch off the duplicate safety? because I want to award the same medal more than once
Hmm...I am sure you could...haven't peeked at the code to do that myself.
Useful mod =)
Hello labrocca
I just install your modified plugin but I wonder, is it possible if we want to remove the existing reward we gave to member? I cant find it
Yeah that's "Show Awarded Medals" on your medals.php page for the medal you want to work with and you can see how was awarded the medal. You can revoke or suspend any medal.
I found it. Did not realize that it is a link Big Grin
Thanks labrocca!
thanks man .. realy like this mode Big Grin

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