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Skunkmedals fixed version ( medal and award system)
judel Wrote:Hey Labrocca. Sorry to change the topic of your thread, but I have a question about the screenshot you have in your first post. Those little images at the bottom of the postbit that look like medals? Did you create that plugin? If so, do you plan on releasing it? Big Grin

The medals plugin is skunksmedal plugin.

Works well but it doesn't come with images. I made a couple css changes for better display. I got my images at iconbuffet.

Attached is my fixed version.

UPDATE: I have released version 1.2 of the fixed version. There is now a check for the members so that in usercp only admin and super moderator group see the link. Also members can view the awards page and see what medals are available and who already has them. A link to that page is not auto generated and you might want to add it manually in header or footer.

To upgrade from previous versions simply upload 2 files.


That's it.

EDIT: For this without a subscription here you can also gain the download at Webmaster Forums.


Skunkmedals is no longer supported or distributed by me. My Awards is the 1.4x awards system I have created that is supported by me.
OK, thanks. I found skunksmedal plugin but didn't realize that's the one you were using. LOL
Thanks for letting me know where you got the images. Big Grin
No problem. The iconbuffet image set I mainly grabbed the images from is called "icon buffet". If you join the site I can send it to you so officially you will be licensed to use it.

PM me your username. I am labrocca there as well.

As for the skunkmedals if you need my changes for better display let me know. It required some fine tuning imho.
Yeah, I got rid of the automatic sizing of the medals, which made them all look funny. LOL...but yeah, I'd appreciate being able to use your changes. Smile Also, my username there is the same as here. That'll be great for you to send them to me. Big Grin
I am kinda lost there "labrocca" Every icons i click it says You are missing this Free Delivery! My user name there is Saurav.
Here is my edited skunkmedals version.

In the extas folder are some of the icons I use.
Thanks a bunch! Got 'em! Big Grin

edit: GREAT! You changed it so the medals won't keep being added to the same line. Phew! LOL Big Grin
Yeah exactly. It took some figuring out but I got it. I just had to change the white-space css parameter. It's a good plugin it just needed some fine tuning for display. I am not sure why he hard coded the image sizes either. Bad decision imho. Easier for an admin to decide his image sizes when creating them.
"labrocca" you are the best Smile

Edit: How does it actually work?
LOL...we have totally hijacked this thread, haven't we? Wink Yes, the plugin works so much better now! Can't wait to start awarding my members these medals! thanks again for sharing your modifications, Labrocca! Big Grin

Dragonlord, it's pretty basic. You need to go into ACP and upload the medals of your choice and then you type in the username of the member you want to award whichever medal. I currently have 10 medals uploaded, so I get a list of all 10 when I go to "Award medals". I then enter the username to the right of whichever medal I want to go to that person. Good luck!

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