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My Awards problem.
Ok so I have a problem with my awards, I cant upload a new award. I click the choose file button and I get this for about 2 seconds:

[Image: se258i.png]

Then get a message saying:
There was an unknown error uploading your image.

Help please?
I love the number game.
Go into your uploads folder in FTP, check to see if theres a folder named "awards" and make sure its chmod to 777.

Report back.

Upload myawards.php to admin/modules/user.
do what clone said and it should be fixed then.
Thanks for your suggestions, but I am faced with the same error, any other suggestions please?!
I love the number game.
Same solution. Make sure you uploaded the files correctly and remember this is not yet 1.6x compatible.
Ahh, I have reloaded and reloaded them, im using 1.4.13.
Thanks, im guessing this isnt goin to work for me..
I love the number game.
1.4 is compatible.
It should work if you have followed whats been said above.

You're doing something wrong. My Awards is very simple to setup.

Read the install and troubleshooting section again. Check files and chmods. It's very easy.
Im thinking chmod personally. Its saying his uploads folder is fucked.


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