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Tab Menu
UPDATE: I fixed it seems it was showing them but I didn't add the rest of the tabs for my Catagories so I couldn't see the changes. Also I forgot to add the </div> at the end of the part so its working now.

Okay so im curious to know why the Tabbed Menu doesn't load the forum I picked it to show I installed it everything seems to be working however when I click on TAB 1 it dont go to anywhere on my from when I went to the Tabbed Menu part I picked the General Forum for the name of the tab I put General and I picked the forum for it to load as the General forum however when I click on it the tab doesn't load the General forum.

Also I notice that the General forum shows as a forum on the forum just like how you see all the forum names on this forum it didn't put make the General forum disappear.
Have you read ?
I already corrected it if you read my first post I didn't wanna double post. I have it fixed now.

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