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Can you code?
Meh, they're all the good ones (except ActionScript). Actionscript is pretty decent though, I suppose. I still wanna know what was going through Adobe's mind when they came up with that "language" that Dreamweaver outputs.
(Mar 04, 2007, 11:33 PM)labrocca Wrote: I know some PHP and Perl. I hope to learn some Ruby this year. I don't know any VB or C languages at all. I hear Python kicks butt yet most Python programmers are running full steam to Ruby on Rails.

:O you dont know c
well i am surprised so gud at PHP.

I know C (as its realted to my job) and HTML
and just can use echo in PHP Tongue
I'm gonna try out JQuery. Would be real awesome if I could combine that with some of my MyBB skins Smile
I currently have 4 years of PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS experience.

Just wondering, how long ago did you learn PHP Labrocca?
[Image: dynno.png]
^Get the same sig image for your Tweets
PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and jQuery). I'm pretty good at coding for WordPress though.
Umm... html, c#, C++, batch, pascal, and xhtml
I got little knowledge in PHP, Perl, C# and Java. I can also do HTML professionally.
I know PHP, MySql, CSS, HTML and have some knowledge of AJAX
I am just starting in coding.

You can find most of my projects at
[Image: mybbsig.php]
I know a fair amount of HTML, I'm learning more PHP every now and then. All I know is if, elseif, else statements. And the include statement.

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