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Add A Cute Little Image In Front Of Your Username [Tut]
First fine an image, mine was .

Next go to your groups and edit the one you want, under username style, at the very front put this.

"<img src="/images/imagehere.ext" />"


I would remove the alt="Mouseover Text"
Nice and simple Smile
Nice thanks for sharing.
[Image: logo.png]
The mouseover text doesnt have to be removed.

I know it doesn't i would remove not telling everyone to remove it.
Cool, thank you for this.

The mouse over is not showing for me actually. No idea why...
Thats to be expected

(Sep 18, 2010, 05:10 PM)Dr.Viper Wrote: The mouse over is not showing for me actually. No idea why...
Becase it's not the text for mouse over. Alt content is shown in case that image is not available, it's basically a substitute. If you want some text when user hovers over the image and waits few seconds you should use title code:
title="Text here"
Which is why i removed the alt thing, people would / did get too confused Smile


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