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Greentheme [check]
Hello dudes,

here an theme that i have made, there will come more colors if the people like it, and sorry for bad english.

[Image: zv4wop.jpg]

If people like it it wil maybe for free!
i have done this fast, thats why not everything is really perfect on screen.

I <3 it! Can't wait for it's release!
(Sep 18, 2010, 12:48 PM)RyanDiamond Wrote: I <3 it! Can't wait for it's release!

Thx, but i have an problemen i can't make this in xml (i dont know the programming codes like css), i need somebody that will help me with the slicing from this layout. I grot only psd i hope people can understand it.

Looks pretty cool bro.

Good but you just made how it would look. Now to make it work on the software. You will need to make custom templates in the acp then you should be set.
[Image: logo.png]
Hello dude. I will do the coding work if you like me to.
I can;t promise a quick design. I have some work lag, and will do it in the free time. Shall we do it..?
We can release this theme together for MyBB community.....
I can do it aswell.
hello people I got some news:

I will make a new version (modern) and i will make the old version (above) complete.
I think i dont give the new version for free, but the old version will be free with these colors (if its going succesfully): green,blue,brown if you have request please post an reply.
looks pretty good! i would like to have this if capable.

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