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Nope, I'm STILL not upgraded!

Heres proof that I paid:
[Image: capturehw.png]
Ok so he got the name of it wrong, whatever, who cares. He MEANS Subscriber, not leet, he's OBVIOUSLY talking about THIS site. Give the guy a break ok? Sheesh...

Kid, it depends on the process, sometimes they're slow. It says instant because it's supposed to be instant, but it doesn't mean it's how it's always going to be. there's a lot of factors involved with internet based transactions. I do remember labrocca saying that he's doing these all manually now to prevent scams and cheats, perhaps that's the case? Just chill out. Best thing to do is send a pm to labrocc himself instead of making a public scene.

Ok guys, I got my l33t!

Please close! Smile
Congrats dude.Finally , you are l33t..oops i mean subscriber.Big Grin
(Sep 22, 2010, 08:48 PM)Technology-Forums Wrote: You obviously came here to troll. You would of been upgraded by now for one, and for two you asked how to upgrade to ub3r...

You're obviously an idiot XD
Look now, he has his subscriber badge buddie, it looks like a real troll to me....
I apologized to him, I thought he was joking as he said "can I upgrade to ub3r.."
(Oct 06, 2010, 08:34 AM)Technology-Forums Wrote: I apologized to him, I thought he was joking as he said "can I upgrade to ub3r.."

lol so did I XD

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