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MyBB 1.4x Area Closed
Excellent! very much appreciated Wink
I always found it fun to dig around in there. I'm glad I still can. Smile
Good luck with this. Massive work load I'm sure.
I can't wait, I'll be installing as soon as they come out!
Its gonna be hard work Tongue
Damn.. lots of themes and shit gone missing [for 1.6].
I don't know why they make it incompatible. Or does it become incompatible?
*sigh* I'm going to continue to use 1.4 until some good themes etc come out for 1.6.
Nice 1.6 seems better but has a few bugs in Sad
Umm just a question... if we have a problem with a 1.4x plugin can we still get support for it? Or will we get support in the 1.6x thread?
The Online 24 hour plugin is a Must for me Wink
Thanks for the update - I am looking forward to the 1.6 updates to the plugins. I only just bought my subscription for this website and my forums are already version 1.6 so I am looking forward to these updates Smile
Chris Jeffery
YREA Lead Manager

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Any progress on Tabbed Menu's?
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