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[1.4 & 1.6] Donation Page Plugin 2.1
Thank for plugin.

Good work.
Thank you for this i shall be using this in the up coming future.
I got a 2 suggestions.

Tracking donations.
Donate success page.
WooW nice! Thx man!
Does the user need to be verified to send money??
Hello every one how are you all?
On behalf of this forum I also modify it to make it a "Buy VIP" plugin, And its working very perfect,And i hope it would be bater with our goals and pols..
Thank you for this just what i have been looking for, I just have one small or big problem with it, i have activated in the ACP but it dose not show anywhere on the forum?>
How do i get this to show on the forum?????
Wow really nice Smile

This helped me out so much, THANKS! I also edited the plugin to use for my upgrade system as well. Thanks again, your a life saver.
Thanks for the plugin!

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