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hello. i want to put home page to mybb forum
i want to put a home page button to mybb forum. this is the link -
i want to put buttons like that: home forum parteners rules
and i don't know how i can do that.
i want something like this -
this buttons from top: home forum regulament parteneri member list

can somebody help me with that plese? thank you
I dont understand it really, but if you want to add an extra button you need edit the .xml from your theme.
Can you tell it better (the question).

Greatings Boomreview
From what I read, you're looking to add another menu item to your navigation bar.

Simply search for the menu items in the header.php template and add another.

<a href="Insert URL here">Text you'd like to be displayed</a>

You will probably need to add <li> and </li> tags before and after the code.

If you'd like to have an image in front of your link, use the following code:

<a href="Insert URL here"><img src="Insert image URL here"> Text you'd like to be displayed</a>

Good luck!
Yeah , I Think He Is Looking For Another Menu, Good Luck
good work, found what he was looking only here, thanks!
I Think He Is Looking For Another Menu, Good Luck

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