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Local host login problem. Tried many different solutions.
Hey, on my xampp localhost i am unable to login, also in the admin panel it is constantly asking me to login every time i click a link.

Current cookie settings:
$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
$settings['cookiepath'] = "/";


i have tried to set my cookies to multiple different things from threads from this forum including those from the sticky thread.

I am running windows xp sp3 and im 99% sure that i do not need to chmod my local files on c drive because i have checked that on a few similar threads already.

My forum is just localhost and the files are in C:/xampp/htdocs, its not in any other subfolders so i shouldnt need to change my cookie path...

Some threads ive checked.

I would really really appreciate help with this because i want to keep building my theme and export it to release if possible.
This is most likely a cookies error, either yours are full or the server is not accepting them.
Xampp for windows is outdated, and not reccomended for use.

You can try using wampserver as an alternative, however.
Use wampserver. Fixed.
I made a tut for you


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