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SimBlue (Premium MyBB theme)
Bonus: Branding removal and Fully Customizable Smiley Set (more information on the set bellow) included.
Price (USD): $10

Fully Customizable Smiley Set (Premium smiley set)
Preview: In preview you can see the 20 pre-made smileys that you can use as soon as you download the package.
[Image: SmileyPresentation.png]
Bonus: Full PSD (PhotoShop Document) of the smileys with pre-made mouths, eyes and accessories with which you're able to create your own smileys. Currently there are ~100 available combinations.
Price (USD): $5 (Free upon purchasing SimBlue!)

If you're interesting in purchasing the theme please contact me via email (andraz[at]rihtar[dot]eu).
Added a new bonus item to SimBlue! Smiley set bonus item is available only to new customers, existing customers get 50% off the mentioned smiley set ($2.50).
great, i like this theme
I'm glad that you like it nhatblue Smile

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