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[1.6]FacebookLike - Alpha Testing / Reviews
So, been working on a plugin that you install, and it adds a little iframe to your website that with it, you can have user's click the "like" button and it'll add your forum URL / NAME on their "wall". Also will show how many user's like it. I will put a snapshot below, please help me with ideas, and what I should do with the <div> it's in, I want to design it more!

[Image: 1287630857.png]
This has the potiental to be really cool.

Firstly if you are going to keep it in the center at the top, id make the border around the button and text smaller.

Also Id put it at the right, tight up against the thread window (near last post and the "-" sign.)

Or perhaps as a button where you have "Quote" "Reply" etc.

This would be a great tool to promote the forums.

Well done, just a bit of tweaking needed.
It's an iFrame, I really can't change anything in the images...
Getting ready to release soon....
Sounds great. Smile Looking forward to it.
well if your using php why dont you use the file_get_contents(); function instead of the iframe and then you can use explode() and other php functions to get only the information you want (or edit the images)

im also sure that you can use the .frames function with javascript to edit images and stuff

and Is this "like" facebook or its Facebook Like system (like when they press the button it will go on their facebook and like it?)
Because i think facebook has an API for this i think
any news on this?
Stopped working on this.. if anyone wants it, contact me @ [email protected]
Damn thats bad, could of been good.
i made this pluign like 6 months ago:

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