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Photoshop Bliss v3 Goes FREE
(Oct 27, 2010, 04:17 PM)blazendevil2 Wrote: Can you please provide another download link?

No, it's only downloadable via MyBB Runway.
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Nevermind i got it Smile
Interesting theme, I might download it later and have a try with it. Thanks.
[Image: IW0eQ.png]
Theme looks nice, I like the glass effect. Anyways good job.
I love it, thanks for it ^^
i getting this for my 2 forums and will post here again if went smooth
wow i been posting 5 posts and now it direct me to mybbrunaway for 20 post more for to get that stupid down >.<
Going to use some snippets for the transparent area.
I got 22 posts and found out the theme was removed Sad.
(Oct 26, 2010, 09:52 AM)Cybr Wrote: Probably the best free theme I've seen, and I'd use but it'd feel like I'm copying GFXF. But nice work.

My thoughts exactly.
It's interesting because the theme can only be used for a very select few types of forums.
  • Tech Forums
  • Hacking Forums
  • Software Forums
  • Gaming Forums
Are all out of the picture with this theme imho.
The only type of forum I would use this for is:
  • Webmaster Forum
  • Graphics Forum
  • Market Place forum

That's about it. Still pretty impressive no doubt just a bit drifting on focus, if it was made and could be used on a bunch of themes it would of likely been a bit more successful.
I would be glad to put in suggestions if you ever need any on a new theme you are making so you don't release it for free because people aren't super happy with it.
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