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Tabbed Menu - Change Location
Hi again.

I've had a problem, but I've found everything I needed here : Tabbed Menu ~ Mega Guide / FAQ

So, using the same thread for another question since no one replied :

I can't seem to change the tabs location. They're on the top right of the board (like they are with default settings), but I don't want them like this. I'd like them to be a bit centered to the left (like on

I've tried playing with the tabbed.css, but nothing moved...

Anyone can sort me out ?


Anyone please help me ? It musn't be hard ... ?
Should be a index page edit.
Or you could go into the tabbed.css and center it in their.
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Check the tabbed.css for the align tags.
Thanks, done it.

Need to align text actually. Found it weird, but it worked.


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