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you mixed 2 plugins right? Big Grin
edit: and yeah please can you uhm change the url for me,like upgrade.php than donate one,i like that more Big Grin Tongue
No, we didnt. We wrote it from scratch. Also, all you'd have to do is rename donate.php to upgrade.php Smile
man booher is coollllllllllllll I tried and tested his plugin with paypal works fine,am unverified and my friend's paypal was unverified too,and as soon as transaction are done,he was moved within a second to specified group awesome,man you should post a thread about it,till now I guess no one had made for unverified paypal which shifts to other usergroups,you got my REP,gogo Tongue thanks a hell man !

oh and by renaming it to upgrade.php it would becomes url /upgrade.php? I don't need to change anything in php file? Thank you a bunch Big Grin
hey edit: it also contains, donate_cancel and donate_done should i also rename those subscribe_cancel and subscribe_done respectively? :S
edit: hey but bro upgrade is done nicely,but the message of donate_done or donate_cancel don't appear,can you make it redirect or something after transaction is done?thanks Smile

And also man,the message bug has been found,please fix it,I write message to be displayed on the page,but doesn't show up,thanks Smile
if you change donate.php to upgrade.php you just change THIS_SCRIPT in the file.

The message only shows up when you disable it Smile
btw: i do have a thread for it

If you like the plugin, please subscribe to TechSensation to help us out with our server costs Smile. It's only $5 =]
wheres THE_SCRIPT ,I dont get that part man :S
open up donate.php, then at the top it'll say define("THIS_SCRIPT","donate.php");
change the 'donate.php' to the new name of the file Smile
Or instead of that,
remove "donate.php" and after the , add basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], ".php");
It will set the this_script name to the file name.
It's better code.
Once you've done that you can rename it any time and it's good.
no man message don't show up,theres on/off function for turning plugin on/off and not message,its not displayed,please fix it ASAP dude !

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