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A non free mod required, will pay
I need a plugin to make MYPS stop adding points after a max number of posts per day.

Will pay using paypal
1 new setting (maxposts) + 1 if statement can do that =P Except the points related to the poll, since that doesn't use the myps_allow function =P
well i cant get what you mean
bojomojo Wrote:well i cant get what you mean

Then i can't help you =P
i guess you mean adding a new setting, but i dont know exactly what you mean
But do you also want them to stop earning EROP and for new threads they create?
I want them like to earn A Max number of points per day, that should be easier to code. Also can different forums have different rates, like if you reply in a forum you get 5 points. reply in another forum and get 10 points?
Yeah that's a problem. I can't see how to do this without adding a lot of overhead. I want myps to be scalable so that even sites with a million posts and 500 active users on at one time won't have a problem.

I hate bulky plugins. The VBux and phpbb points system were imho bloated with useless features. I refuse to do that with myps core. I have hooks in case you want to add stuff but the core will remain streamlined.

There is already a myps setting to remove forums from receiving myps. I do not want to create a per forum setting as this will be a nuisance for coding. For every forum added there will need to be a default and checks for custom point earnings. This is just a lot of extra code with very little benefit.

Quote:I need a plugin to make MYPS stop adding points after a max number of posts per day.

That's actually fairly easy to code into myps as a hook. You just need to check posts in the past 24 hours and then stop rewarding myps if X posts are earned. That's relatively simple in comparison to stopping all points from being earned, erop being the biggest problem.

Sorry but I designed myps from the beginning with certain features and functions in mind. It's pretty much complete as it stands.
thanks its just i dont know php so i cant do that myself Smile

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