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[1.4 and 1.6] AlertPay/PayPal Automatic Donation - PAYPAL AND ALERTPAY IPN! NOW FREE
great one man,but I think it don't removes tables after uninstalling it,I got a serious problem,I reactivated-deactivated many times and now in CONGIGURATION thing,there are almost 8-10 list of Techsensation-Donation Settings,what to do? :S
It doesn't delete them? :o. Well, to manually fix this goto your phpMyAdmin, and goto mybb_settinggroups and delete all the ones that say - donate. I will look into this
the link that it takes you to they have moved it and it dont exist can someone please reupload
goto it is there now.
Great plugin! tytyty
#26 is off now.

Can anyone share me this plugin?

I just gotta ask. How is this [now] free when on MyBBForums, it's under a "subscriber" forum? Not free AFAIC.
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Does anyone have this download?
Someone please share a copy if it is free now... None of the links are working. Thanks in advance. Planning to put it on Thanks again in advance to the sharer.
I'd like this too if possible.

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