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Plugin Uploader
Great Job!
Excellent plugin!
I've been looking for this, thank you!
I'll try it out shortly and leave some feedback on the plugin.
Will this still work even though I renamed my admin directory?
Bon plugin, merci =)
I've released an improved version of this plugin recently and yes, it will work if you've renamed your admin directory Smile

here is the information about scripting of HTML is simplified by designing a JavaScript library and it is also compatible with all the browsers available for use. The JavaScript library is known as jQuery, and we can used it as a very easily way with Struts 2 Framework. It can also supports all types of browsers and is the most popularly used JavaScript library these days.The Struts2 jQuery Plugin provides now two Maven Archetypes for an easy start with Struts2, jQuery and Maven. The first is based on the Struts2 Convention Archetype but with included s2j dependencies.This guide explains how to create a simple web application that dynamically populates a page through AJAX, using both Struts2 and the JSON features of JQuery.jQuery is one of the most used javascript frameworks.The Struts2 jQuery Plugin give you an easy integration of ajax and widgets.
The current Struts2 Dojo Plugin is deprecated.

Struts2 JQuery
Nice One!!!
Hmm I'll have to test this out :p
This is quite neat, I think ill use it for my forum. Getting lazy from dragging and dropping. lol :p

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