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The site is still being developed heavily! Please be patient.

Ca$hSpl0it is a forum about making money on the internet with SEO, ShareCa$h and many more methods of making money. We share links/ downloads for sharecash and! We need members and mods to fill the forum so that many more people can join in the fun! We are hoping for people to write decent tutorials on methods etc and members to expand the forum making it more popular. We are still a work in progress atm, and hoping that members may help out Big Grin

We don't expect people to join our forum, you are not obliged to in any shape or form to join and we are not forcing you. But you may at any time join us!
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I have never joined a forum where I had to be a member to see the site.
The only I can comment on is the theme, I would recommend getting a custom or premium theme for the site, makes it look more professional.

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