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Elite v2 | 1000+ Downloads | New graphics
I'm in the progress of upgrading the "Elite" theme for 1.6.

You would not believe how many PM's I've received for help and support, so now I'm going to try to fix those things.

Also, some new graphics have changed, because now I'm more skilled with photoshop.

And yes, I am Clone / NeoFusion720, I'm just good at changing usernames.

**** Statistics ****
It got 1274 Downloads on several forums together.
It has been used on 685 forums.
It has been updated 3 times.

Now the wait is over.
Expect this theme to be done within February.
I love your elite theme .. I changed it up a lil is the site im using your theme
[Image: OGForumsbanner.png]
CreativeForums seems to be down. Could you share the link to a demo if possible.?
Can i give it a try too?
for me tabbed menu is not good in this template it have 2 times when i add.

How you make tabbed to looks like that on your pictures.
Do you mean how to make them differnet colours?
(Feb 01, 2011, 11:52 AM)CyberTechForums Wrote: Do you mean how to make them differnet colours?

Yea which color use tabbmenu on picture?

Btw why tabbed menu not working ?


Check this 2 screns from my forum.

Okay fixed that btw again problem


Theres a </div> missing or in the wrong place.
Check back at Elites Mega Thread and check everything Smile

If your still having problems, message me on MSN ([email protected])
I checked out the “elite” theme. I loved the theme. I would also like to upgrade it. It would be fun to do some extra work on it to give it a new look. If I need any help on this, then I feel I will get it from here.
Nice theme i wish i could download it.

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