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I want to change color of [code] and [quote] Help please.
So when you type
the background color is white and words is white so i want to change it to other and [quote] is same .. Look

[Image: testvp.png]
Ouch that looks horific on your forum Tongue

It usually comes with some suitable classes with a theme, but obviously someone overlooked this on your theme.

  1. So if you go to your admincp, and go to Templates & Style.
  2. From the side menu, you should see Templates and Themes, hit Themes.
  3. Choose your theme
  4. Choose global.css
  5. Then click the drop down and look for codeblock, codetitle & codeblock_code.
    In those menus you want to change;
  • codeblock background to a #353535 for a dark grey.
  • codetitle can stay the same, a white
  • codeblock_code could also stay they same, a white.

Hope that helps
Yea i fix it thanks you for help.
No problem, always here to help Smile
Tried exactly the same as mentioned above, with the same theme and so on. Just can't get it to pop of the white color.
Ok do you have TV and ill help you through that?

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