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Can't post in Request forum.
Hi. This isn't really anything big, so don't go to much trouble fixing it, but when I try posting the Requests and Suggestions forum (In the 1.6 Section), it says I don't have permission. And I am a subscriber, as you can see.
Its a known problem, but i think its purposfully be made so we cant post anymore.

Not sure why, but its been like this for weeks.
Hmm... Weird. Oh well. Thanks for the clarification.
I think They Don't Accept Request And Suggestions Now, May be Some Other Smile
Joey do you own toonbook? If so we needa talk. Its Zap. I have been looking all over for you. Please. I am sorry. I have skyped with a few toons. They understand. I will not do anything to harm your TB and TTR. Just please spare me, just once more. Man, I love all of the toons of toonbook. I can be different, and I will be different. Just please...ONE more chance. I am begging you. I didnt harass anyone by the way. I just got mad. But i did not threaten them. Joey19982 your my only hero and hope. I can make a difference in your communuity.
Most members have been having this problem, it may be that they arent allowing them anymore since there is alot of the same suggestions being suggested.

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