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Review Please
Thats a sweet theme.
Thanks made it myself Big Grin
[Image: userbar.png]
@CyberTechForums I took your advice and changed the icons what do you think now Smile
[Image: userbar.png]
Nice, I really like it now.
Thanks if you have any other tips tell me Big Grin
[Image: userbar.png]
I think you should make your sig a bit bigger. Kinda hard to read Tongue
But looks awesome though Smile

I love being fussy xD
It's not much of a signature it's one of those userbars.
[Image: userbar.png]
Awesome, but the theme is just all over the place, it's hard to read categories and stuff. + I would make the navigation buttons at the top a little better. (Maybe more spaced apart? And some white background when you hover over them)
Well I was thinking to make the test a bit brighter on the categories. But I'm not sure what your talking about the navigation buttons?
[Image: userbar.png]
Ups, I meant the navigation bar (Home | Member List | ...) Nevermind, it looks fine. If you changed them it wouldn't match the rest Smile

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