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leave the quotations? Or just remove it all, i dont have a good edit note pad is my friend.
Note pad is no good, it'll leave you with errors.
Download Notepad++

Look at the code closely, the quotes don't belong to the table_prefix, they belong to what's following leave them there.
ah son of a bisquit
Sorry...lines to edit should be 44, 57, 119
Man that shit doesnt work, just pm me your files that work on your site and ill try them. Because i've done exactly what you said to do and i still get the same errors.
hey i got it to work i had to remove a line the cperror line.. but now i cant find it in the admin panel? wtf..
Ill try it tonight and send u the files over when i get it to work.

Notepad++ is god over Standard Notepad, so many people use it now, when you open the txt files in notepad everything is on one line often.
Ye but ive been programming with Notepad as far as i can remember lol, i dont like technology but i must say, i've already fallen for notepad++ a little bit.

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